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Ever wanted to know a little more about me? I doubt it… But in case you did, here’s an interview with yours truly published by the very talented Ged from Gentleman’s Emporium. It was great fun answering his questions, I hope you like it (love to here your thoughts too) Thanks again Ged!


The Suit – A QTD interview with my man at Canali

Greetings readers… I’m back from a well deserved break, fully refreshed and raring to go, and boy do I have a treat for you! You lucky dandies are about to have all you ever wanted to know about suits answered by my good friend (I can say that, we’ve been to a few music gigs together) and “Made To Measure” specialist at Canali UK, Chris Kenny. I’d like to use this brief introduction to say a massive thanks to Chris for taking the time and effort to answer all of my questions and will just jump straight into the interview. Get comfy folks, and enjoy…
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QTD Man of the Month – May 2012

Quite The Dandy Man of the Month – May 2012

Winner: Gary Barlow Singer/Songwriter, Producer, X-Factor Judge

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Summer Hair: “Step” back to the 90s

Following the mainstream lean towards 90s inspired fashion, I’ve felt a minor ripple; a slight shift in The Force, if you like, to a potential hot trend in the salon chair. A return to a classic haircut from my youth. An icon. The “Step-Cut” is back, and is the look for summer. Read the rest of this entry »

Murdock… No “Crazy Fool” at Grooming

After I stumbled across this great post – Tame Your Facial Mane from Gentleman’s Emporium  – I thought I’d follow-up my own When is a beard not a beard? blog with a further look at moisturising oils to soften those whiskers… Hirsute gentlemen, I give you Pre-Shave Oil from Murdock London.
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QTD Man of the Month – April 2012

Quite The Dandy Man of the Month – April 2012

Winner: David Walliams Comedian, Author, Presenter

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Wake up and smell the coffee

This is my very first QTD giveaway and one to excite the coffee lovers amongst you, on the opening day of the London Coffee Festival at Brick Lane! Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jon from The Coffee Machine – a fantastic shop for all your coffee gadgetry needs, at 632 Kings Road Chelsea (check out the link!) – for kindly donating a 350g bag of Square Mile Tanzanian coffee, worth approximately £8, for the giveaway. Read on for more details…
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Rock, Paper, Scissors or Clippers

I’m going to make an observation on male hair styles that I see whilst in the salon or out on the street… 90% of you fellas will have longer hair on the top of your head, compared to the back and sides. Interesting and insightful stuff huh? Oh yes, unless you are rocking the Mullet, the Bruce Willis or sweeping Hollywood locks like Bradley Cooper, you will fall into the industry standard men’s “Short Back & Sides” to some degree. So, where am I going with all this?
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QTD’s Total Gym Workout

Easter is officially over. Step away from the chocolate. IT’S IRON TIME!

It’s that time of year when guys are heading back to the gym in droves, after a weekend of chocolate eggs and a huge roast dinners. The annual post-Christmas/New Year jogging craze is over (seriously, how long did THAT last?) and now plans are being made for a summer of t-shirts and beach ready bodies. So here is QTD’s Total Gym Workout to help you look your best. Read the rest of this entry »

Penhaligon’s for Spring/Summer

Spring is in the air, so why not refresh your fragrance collection this season with something from one of London’s oldest established perfumers, Penhaligon’s? Read the rest of this entry »